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The garden of our bones

Photo by Jacqueline Martinez on Unsplash

We steal fish heads

from aluminum trash cans —

the flesh fileted, spine dangling

down, in gravity, to the tip of the tail


The hooked bars of bone present

the illusion of a body – in the same way

timbers and trusses of houses give the impression

of a home

yet unfinished.


We clear a patch of ground by the burn barrel,

where homeless rags stay warm on cold nights,

by edge of the dirt pitch we play stick ball at

& run coffee can bases.

We place the refuse, these structures that resemble

fish, as seeds & water them – imagining a whole school

rising to dance in the current of summer’s hot breathe

& join us in play

We chant “Batter, Batter”

to distract each other from connecting

tn such a way that the ball would project itself out –

over the fence // beyond this place

in an escape, we never thought possible,

to be lost

out there

beyond us –

The garden of our bones grew, but the fish

never bloomed & we

too soon

forgot that one day,

one day —

we thought they would.

Claudia has us writing “Garden poems” over at dVerse for the 10 year anniversary.


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The mourning after (I met you)

Photo by Andrey Svistunov on Unsplash


pinned back, erect

S of a tail twitching to/ /fro, 

a squirrel scampers      left/right,

juking a bird,               wings flailing

2keep Up— its beak nip-

ping the tip—         & neither

ever sees the car

    —another heart//beat     

in the bassline of a radio song.

So, I am guest hosting over at dVerse for the Anniversary. Been a while. The magic word in the quadrille is “juke”, feel free to join in the fun at 3 pm EST.


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